DIY Baddleball Court

Tools Needed 

(1) 50ft Tape Measure

(1) 25ft Tape Measure

(1) 6ft Tape Measure

(1) 60 Yard Roll of 2" Blue Painters Tape 

Court Dimensions

Begin by picking where an outside corner will be and measure out 44 ft.  From the same corner measure out 20 ft making close to a 90 degree angle. 
Using the 3rd tape, measure from 3 ft out on one side to 4 ft out on the other.  Adjust the angle of the first 2 tapes until the distance between those points measures 5 ft.  This is known as the 3,4,5 rule for creating a perfect 90 degree angle.
Tape along the inside of the measuring tapes to create the 20 ft outside line and the 44 ft outside line.
Using the same method create the other 2 outside lines from the opposite corner.
Measure out 15 ft from each corner along the 44 ft sides and mark it off with a small piece of tape or marker.
Using the 15 ft markings, connect to them to create two 20 ft lines across the court.
The court is now completed.  This is identical to a pickleball or badminton court minus the long center line.  Check your measurements assuring they match the following illustration.  Your'e ready to play!