How To Play

Rules Summary    

  • The game is mainly played on a pickleball court with no net.  We repeat, NO NET!  That's right!  This is a bilateral paddle game with low ball play!
  • Points are scored by the side being served to and occur when the server faults (fails to return the ball, hits ball out of bounds or into the no hit zone, etc.)
  • The server continues to serve until the opposing player faults
  • The first side winning 2 out of 3 rounds wins the game.
  • Players change sides every round and the loser of the previous round serves first.

Determine the Starting Server

  • The first serve is determined by a coin toss or other method of your choice.  Winner chooses their side and the loser serves first.  The loser of the following rounds will start each new round as server.


  • Before serving both players must be outside the line at each end of the court.  Both players must remain outside the court until the serve is made.
  • The ball must be bounced before serving with an underhand stroke.
  • Failure to successfully serve 2 times results in a fault and awards the opposing player a point.  2 more faults another point.  Etc.


  • Points are only scored by the player opposite the server.  The server may only transfer service when the opposing player fails to return the ball successfully.  No point is awarded the server.  Only service is transferred and now that player may score points.
  • Rounds are generally played to 5 points and you must win 2 of 3 rounds.  Players switch sides after each round.

Bounce Rules

  • A ball is dead when it bounces twice on the same side.  It is not mandatory for the ball to bounce before the player hits it.  Except on serves.
  • A player can hit the ball twice if there is no bounce before returning it.  A player may pop the ball up and spike it down.  Very rare will a strategic opportunity to do this arise.

Line Calls and Faults

  • Lines during gameplay are counted as IN.
  • Serves contacting any line or landing outside a players box are a fault.
  • Players can step anywhere but inside the no hit zone or its lines.
  • A server stepping inside the court or on a line during a serve is a fault.